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3D game development software has come along way in recent years and there are many game engines that are designed to allow the developer to create a 3D environment for their game. We will talk about 3D game development and the software used to make a 3D game.


Making a game in a 3D (Three Dimensional) environment will allow the player to walk around in the world you create for them in a way that seems life like. They will be able to move sideways to the left or right, forward and backwards and maybe even jump, or crouch depending on the game you make and the ability of the main character in your game.

Most popular first person shooters are a good example of 3D games because the player can freely walk around and explore while performing the task or mission assigned to them.

Making a 3D game environment for your players can be done using some of the popular 3D game engines. These 3D game engines allow you to develop and build your game visually and test it as you go so you can see what it feels like from a player's perspective.


Some of the most popular game engines used to develop 3D games can be downloaded and used for free. We suggest you try them and see what one is easiest for you.

Unreal Engine 3 -
Unreal Engine 3 offers a fully integrated editing environment through the renowned Unreal Editor.

Unity3D -
A popular choice amongst game developers. Offers 3D and 2D game development. A free Indie version is available for download.

Torque3D -
A popular 3D game engine.

There are many more and a quick search will assist you finding them. You can also see this wikipedia page for a more complete list of game engines.


There have been many books and websites written about 3D game development. If you are interested in reading more about making 3D games you can purchase some books about 3D game development from an online store or your local book store.

Click here to find some books about 3D game development and purchase them online.


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