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Cross-platform game development is becoming a popular request among developers who want to deploy their creations on many different devices.

About Cross-Platform Game Development

Cross-platform game development is the development of games to run on multiple platforms. The most popular platforms that game engines can create games for are iOS (for iPhone, iPad), Mac, Windows, Android (mobile and tablet) Adobe Flash. Some engines have the option to use their own player such as Unity3D that has it's own web player to play games compiled for the web.

The Cross-platform game generation is handled by the software used to compile the game. This is usually the game engine software. There are some game engines that are designed for different platforms but the most common thing used by the popular game engines is to allow you to export your game in different formats while creating your game in the same software and familiar interface.

With the growing amount of hand held devices and range of computer operating systems available in the technological world we live in it is important to know what platform you will want to create your game for and make sure the work you do will be compatible with that platform.

Game Development Software for Cross Platform Games

There are game development software tools to help make a game for multiple platforms. I have compiled a list of game engines on the game engine list and many of these will export to multiple platforms.

Advantages of Cross-platform Game Development

- Develop in the same development software and game engine then write your game out to files compatible with each platform.
- Players will be familiar with the game and be able to play it on all their gaming devices.
- Increase your revenue by selling your games for different devices to niche markets.

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