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You want to head into the exciting world of game development and have already noticed that getting started has a few learning curves. I will give you a simple list of do's and don'ts to help you get started and not waste time.

Do's and Don'ts for The New Game Developer

Do: Find a game engine you are comfortable with when you first try it and stick with it. Yes, you heard me! Try them all then stay with one and learn it and develop with it. If you want to build in 2D like a platform game try game maker studio and if you want to build in 3D try Unity3D and Unreal Engine. Choose the one you feel comfortable with and stay with it.
Don't:  Don't spend time trying to master every game engine software that exists because you will never complete your game doing that.

Do: Buy a license to use existing code, starter kits, 3D models and other media to help speed up the development of your game and learn from what other people have already done.
Don't: Don't ask the original creator when the next version will be released, what features will be in the next version or if they have a free trial because this information can be found on their website or wherever they sell their product if it has been disclosed.

Do: Embrace community forums to ask questions and engage with other developers about game development. Many of the questions and issues you are having may have been resolved already so search the game development forums and see if you can find an existing solution.
Don't: Don't post the same questions everybody else is asking or reply to a question saying you also need help with this.

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