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Game development schools are a good place to begin learning the skills needed to make your own games. We will tell you what to expect from a game development school and send you on your way to a few schools that focus on education in the field of game development.

Game Development SchoolsGame Development Schools

Many educational institutes run game development courses to teach you how to create games and how to use the tools needed to create games. There are many different courses and some specialize in iOS games while some focus on other platforms including windows and mac. The concepts behind creating a game are universal depending on the genre of the game you wish to create so it is important you find a course that will cover the basics regardless of what platform of genre you will create your games for.

The first place you can look is your local university or night school. There may be some privately run courses held at your local university and they may accept enrollments at set times so check to see when their next course enrollment times are. Night schools and privately run educational institutes sometimes run courses after hours which can be anything from a full game development course to a simple workshop. Doing a search for game development schools in your area will help you find these.

There are online schools such as Game Institute ( who have online courses covering different areas of game development. Online courses are a good way to go if you like working at your own pace because you can follow tutorials on your own computer as you are doing the course. Young kids can also learn to develop games using Youth Digital ( online courses and learn in an interactive environment.


The popularity of video hosting sites like YouTube ( have allowed game development enthusiasts to create and publish their own tutorials. There is a wealth of information available on YouTube to help you get started developing games. You will need to know exactly what it is you need to learn because many of the free video tutorials available use a specific software preferred by the person who created the video. This is a great way to learn how to use a particular game engine or add-on.


There are many courses available depending on what you want to become in the game development industry. You can get a rounded education and understand what is involved in developing a game be doing courses that teach you about game art and animation, game programming and cover software such as 3d design software, image editing software and at least one game engine.

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