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Game development software is used to develop games and create the game files needed so the game can be played by any gamer.

Game Development SoftwareGame Development Software

Game development software is the core software used to build a game and is often referred to as a game engine. All the graphics and other game objects are assembled and arranged in the game engine and saved to a playable file. The game engine can create the files needed to play the game and they are available for different operating systems

There are two main types of game environments and different game engines are suitable for each. Two dimensional games (2D) are when the player looks onto the game from one view point and the scene movement is restricted to left right up or down. Most puzzle games and platform games are 2D games. Three dimensional games (3D) allow the player to move around in a three dimensional environment similar to real life. Most first person shooters and simulator games are developed using 3D game engines.


2D Game Engines

Torque 2D (visit)

Torque provides the tools to create 2D games. The software is available for free and additional add-on starter kits can be purchased to assist you in creating games faster. With its intuitive and powerful editor, anyone can jump into game creation with little or no prior programming or game development knowledge.

Game Maker Studio (visit)

Game maker Studio is for the casual game maker and allows the speedy creation of 2D games that can be played on most common operating systems including iOS, Windows 8 and Mac OS X. There are different additions of Game Maker Studio and a free version is available. Exporting to some formats such as iOS will require an extra purchase or the paid Master version of the software. Beginners can jump right in and you can be creating and playing your own game in a few hours.

3D Game Engines

Unity3D (visit)

Develop games and deploy them for many different operating platforms. Unity has a large support community and there are thousands of quality ready made assets available in the Unity3D asset store and other places on the web. Unity3D is free to download and use. There is a professional paid version available for high end development. Exporting to iOS, Android and Flash can be done using exporters sold in the Unity3D store than integrated directly into unity3D. We have listed a few Unity 3D stater kits in our game starter kits article.

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