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Game making software will allow you to make your own game. We will highlight some of the top game making software and set you on the path to making your own games using established professional software.

Game Making SoftwareGame Making Software and Choosing A Game Engine

Making your own game will require the right software for you. There are a few things I would suggest you look at before deciding on a game engine for your game.

When you want to make your own game the first decision to make is the genre of the game. This can be space shooter, adventure, FPS and many more. Knowing what type of game you wish to create can help you decide what game making software to use.

You also need to know what your own development skills are. If you are not a programmer and do not want to learn any programming then you will need to look some game making software that can be used without any programming skills. I should point out that advanced games do require some sort of programming or scripting eventually but if you are just getting started then you can use software that allows you to make simple games without any programming skills.

A look at some of the Top Game Making Software

There are many different game engines available. Some are free and some have a commercial license fee. We will highlight the top game engines and give you our feedback on each one ut we suggest you download them and try them for yourself to be sure it is the right choice for you.

GameMaker: Studio - This is a drag and drop game creation software. Great for people new to games making. There are different additions starting with a free version to get you started. This is a good tool to quickly get your game making underway. There are many books and guides to creating games with GameMaker: Studio including Getting Started with Game Maker by Jr Jerry Lee Ford who shows aspiring game developers how to create their very own, professional-quality computer games with no programming knowledge required.

Unity3D - One of the most popular choices amongst professional game developers is Unity3D. There is a free version capable of developing sophisticated games making Unity3D a solid choice for any game making enthusiast. Beginners may find Unity3D hard to learn at first but with a large support community and a lot of free and well written tutorials with examples the basics of Unity3D can easily be mastered. Unity3D has a large amount of third party tools available to assist you with game development including genre based started kits and editor enhancements. UNity3D has an large and active support community forum on their site and there are many books about unity including Beginning 3D Game Development with Unity 4: All-in-one, multi-platform game development which is intended for students or artists familiar with tools such as 3ds Max or Maya who want to create games for mobile platforms, computers, or consoles, but with little or no experience in scripting or the logic behind games development.

RPG Maker - RPG Maker is a good solution if you want to make games that are specific to the RPG genre. The game engine allows you to develop games for windows and you can download a free demo version. The basic version is not very expensive and you can really turn your story and idea into a playable RPG game without knowing any programming. If you want to give RPG game development a try then this is the software for you to begin with.

I recommend you purchase RPG Maker VX Ace but there are several additions including RPG Maker XP for beginners, RPG Maker VX with extra enhancements and RPG Maker VX Ace for advanced RPG game development. I do not believe the games created in one version can be imported to another which is why I recommend RPG maker Ace.

The Power to Make Games is Now in Your Hands

I hope you find this information useful. The power to create your own games is now in your hands and I am sure the information in this article will set you on your way to creating games. Remember that no masterpiece can be created overnight so persevere with your chosen game engine and work towards making the game you always wanted to make.

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