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Game starter kits give the game developer a head start by providing the basic game logic with examples of how to use the kit.

Game Starter Kits for Unity3DCreating a game and programming the core game logic required for each component of your games can be very time consuming and may prove difficult for the beginner. Using a game starter kit you can begin to develop your game much faster.

NOTE: This article is outdated. Please read Unity Starter Kits to Fast Track Unity Game Development for a list of recent starter kit assets.

Game Starter Kits for Unity3D

Here are a few game starter kits that work with the game development software Unity3d:

Mini Golf Construction Kit

A very well done starter kit that makes developing a mini golf game easy. The kit comes with everything you need to create your own mini golf game. The Mini Golf Construction Kit is well documented and is easy to use.

Cannon Shooter


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