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Making a tower defense game requires a lot of planning and time for development. There are tools available that can ease the process, and we will explain more about them and other things to consider when making your own tower defense game.

Making a Tower Defense GameMaking a Tower Defense Game

The tower defense genre is a popular one among the casual gamer culture, and there are many tower defense style games available for mobile, desktop and playable online. Making a tower defense game that is different from the rest will require you to have a good story behind the game and a well-planned theme for the game levels, towers, creeps and other items such as power-ups.

Planning a Tower Defense Game

When you are planning your tower defense game, you need to consider a few things. You may have different ideas for your game, but these are the basic ideas for a simple tower defense game.

- Play mode/Game type: What type of defense game will you players be playing. Will it be wave based game so that a wave will have a limited number of enemies to destroy or will it be a contentious campaign.

- Tower types:  How many tower types will you have such as ground attack towers, and air attack towers air and ground attack towers, etc. How many variations of each tower will you have with different ammunition and power strengths?

- Creeps/Enemy: What types of the enemy will you have. Ground enemy, air enemy or both. What will the power strengths be for each one?

- Level design - how many levels will you have and how will they complement the story and theme of your game.

Tower Defense Graphics and Tile Sets

Tower Defense Development Software

Making your own tower defense game can be done using the popular game development software Unity3D with some additional extras to assist in the creation of tower defense games. Two assess for unity3D that are popular for making tower defense games are:


- Tower Defense Toolkit (TDTK) gives you the tools to develop a tower defense game inside unity. A robust set of scripts to allow you to set up your levels, towers, enemies (creeps) and more. Many YouTube videos have been created by the author to help you get started with TDTK so you can see what you may be able to achieve with this kit before you purchase. This kit is the fastest way to get started if you want to make a tower defense game and using it is very easy for experienced unity developers and a good starter for beginners who wish to develop a tower defense game.
- 3D Tower Defense Starter Kit is a game-ready prototype including resources and documentation. You can integrate your assets and adjustments easily and be on your way to your own tower defense game.


- ScriptTD is open source. This tower defense game engine for Windows Phone is for non-developers to create TD games by changing settings, sounds, and graphics.

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