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Making a pinball game for your friends to play or to distribute as a commercial product can be a lot of fun. There are many considerations when creating a pinball game including the ball physics and iterations between objects on the game board. We will cover some tools that help you make your own pinball game and include links so pinball game creation software.


Pinball has been a popular type of game even before the time of computer gaming. Making a game that uses realistic ball physics and coding some awareness of what objects have been hot can be a very time-consuming task without the tools to assist in the development process.

Using a Popular Game Engine

There are many popular game engines that can be used to make any type of game. Many have plug-ins or add-ons that will help you create a pinball game and there are also many videos and tutorials online. Using these will allow you to export your game to multiple formats including PC, Xbox, and PlayStation.

Game Maker 8 - If you are using GameMaker 8 then a pinball game engine is available from the YoYo website that will give you a head start.

Unity3D - There are many videos about making a pinball game in unity. These can help you get started. There is also a Pinball PlayMaker Kit that provides a very basic starting point to making a Pinball game.


A very complete pinball creation software is Future Pinball. This will allow you to make a pinball game for windows. Everything you need is included and the table designer is easy to use. The software is very flexible and allows professional programmers to use additional scripting and make advanced pinball tables.

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