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Adding background music or sound effects can make a game much more immersive experience because the music helps set the mood of a game. We will talk about game music while we show you some websites to download game music and sound effects that you can use in your games.

Music for Games or Interactive Media

Music for Games - Music and sound effects you can use for making games

Giving your game player an immersive experience can be achieved with the assistance of background music with sound effects. Sound effects are often the way a player will know if they have hit a target or performed a special move while the background music plays to set the mood of the game helping place the player in the scene and also set the pace of the game play.

Download Music for Games

You can download game music from any of these websites. We have compiled this list based on the needs of most game developers and there are enough sights here to get you started even if you are on a low budget.

Stock Audio for Games

You can buy and download game music or sound effects from these websites to use in your game

Music Licensing and Understanding Copyright

All music available online is composed and written by somebody and the copyright ownership of that music remains with them. Every music track and sound effect you download will be released under a license that dictates the terms and conditions you must follow when you use the track or sound effect. You must read and understand the license terms of every bit of audio you use in your game and make sure you are using it legally.

The best license to look for are royalty free licenses because they will allow you to use the audio file as many times as you need without ongoing payments. Make sure you are allowed to use the track or effect in games and distribute the game commercially for download and for online playing.

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