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The year is almost at an end with less than two months to go so I thought I would take the time to do a round up of my top 10 Unity3D assets for 2013.

My Top 10 Unity Assets of 2013

Top 10 Unity Assets of 2013

1. First on the list has to go to Playmaker. Without a doubt, this is the best unity asset I have purchased so far this year. Prototype any gameplay from a controller to a condition that will launch an effect. Everything is done and connected in a simple flow chart view. Getting a grasp of using Playmaker takes some practice and an understanding of how it works but after a few tutorials and experimenting it becomes very clear that this is a must-have for any Unity3D developer wanting to quickly draft almost any action or reaction for any object within gameplay. The best thing about Playmaker is you do not need to type a single line of code to make a simple game.

2. The second place for 2013 goes to NGUI: Next-Gen UI which is great for creating user interfaces including scrolling text boxes, buttons and more. Unity3d does has a built-in GUI system that can be used out of the box, but, well, to put it simply, NGUI is easier to use and much better for beginners in my opinion.
3. The third place for 2013 goes to an editor tool called SceneMate which help to align game objects, snap objects to different positions in relation to other objects, flip/mirror an object and more. A handy tool for working on scenes with many objects that need to be aligned with each other in different ways. There is a lot more to it than that but the align and snapping features are the real plus here for me.

4. Fourth place is going to Racing Game Kit which will let you set up a racing game quickly and tweak it to produce a professional racing game. The kit used spline waypoints to tell the AI what path to follow and allows you to set up a start line, finish line, checkpoints and other tracking methods to create just about any type of car racing game. You can make a racer using the supplied cars or use the scripts in your own car models. The kit is well documented so even beginners can get into this one. I want to say this is four because it is a genre based kit and not a general tool for any project it Unty3d but t is up with the best of them when it comes to delivering a usable kit to make a game in its genre.

5. At number five comes UFPS : Ultimate FPS. If you are making an FPS game or just like to create scenes and run around then this is a great one. Oh, the best bit is you can make scenes with explosive objects in them and blow things up in true FPS style. The kit has some fancy camera effects which make it a good starting point to an FPS game. You can also drop this asset into an existing project.

6. Next is Tidy Tile Mapper. This does make it easy to create 2D levels by just painting objects into a grid. Unlike many 2D tools Tidy Tile Mapper paints game objects and not sprites. Good time saver and is able to be used for 2D levels and also and also 3d level creation like mazes and top down scenes.

7. DropTrack2: Banked Circut v1.0 was an asset I grabbed from the 3D model department to help prototype a racer I started this year. This is a good set of 3D track objects that align well together to make a nice track to test cars or whatever on.

8. Number eight goes to RapidUnity Extra Primitives which is an editor tool that contains a bunch of extra primitives including rocks and other shapes that are harder to do in the Untiy3d editor. Just click on the primitives and it will be created in the scene like any other object.

9. The other thing I tried this year was Match-3 Starter Kit. I have to say this was a bit of a disappointment though. This is mainly a match 3 board creator with the scripting ability to communicate with it. If you are an advanced game developer wanting a base to build a match 3 game then this may be good for you. If you are just starting out and want to build a full match three game then this is not really the one. I don't believe it is anyway. So good for what it is, but definitely a game STARTER kit, not a kit for starters. Worth a mention and the kit is in early development so we will see what the future brings.

10. The last Unity3D asset on the list for 2013 is going to be Polygon Tool. Why? because it is fun. I haven't used this in any playable scene yet but I have made some strange and unique objects out of it. You can use this to make shapes for 2D levels and more just by placing points in a unity scene to create an extruded shape. Simple and easy to use.

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