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RPG game making software can help you turn the story and idea you have on your mind into a virtual world and bring players on the journey you wish to create. We will show you what software can be used to make your own RPG game and get you on the path to making your own RPG games.

RPG Game Making Software Approach

RPG Game Making Software

There are three ways you can approach game development when it comes to making an RPG game. The first is to use a game engine designed specifically for the purpose of making RPG games which is a great idea if that is what you want to focus all your effort on. The second option is to use an add on or plug in for a game engine such as Unity which is a good option if you are familiar with that game engine and how to work within it. The third option is to program the game in your preferred programming language by hand which is time consuming and requires you to be a programmer and is not the first choice for many game developers.

RPG Game First Steps

First of all I want to point out that the software is the tool but you are the idea and vision. Before you begin to create an RPG game it is a good idea to write your story down so you can stick to it when developing over a long period of time. You can also write down a few personality traits of your main character and other characters in the game so you have something to start with and build the story around.

RPG Game Making Software and Links

So now we will take a look and some of the software used to make RPG games.

Make RPG GamesRPG Game Development Software

RPG Game Making Software

There have been many game engines developed to make RPG games over the years but the one that is most popular at the moment is called RPG Maker. RPG Maker provides a visual tool to create your RPG game and is the easiest way to develop, play and distribute your RPG game.

This software will run independently of any other game engine and does not require any programming knowledge to make your own game. If you are not an artist you can download art, music and characters to use in your RPG game.

There are also different additions depending on how advanced you want to be with your game making and also your budget.

Assets for Unity

If you are developing using the Unity game engine then there are options in the Asset store that allow you to create RPG games. These require you to be familiar with Unity but will offer a powerful RPG development platform with the advantages of unity. One good option is Okashi RPG Kit which is a flexible RPG framework for the Unity. The other one that is also good for making RPG games in unity is caller plygame which is a powerful and easy to use visual game development tool for the Unity and has a background as an RPG game maker tool for Unity.

Hand Coded

If you will be programming the game in code then you will need to use your preferred language and development platform. I will not cover this option in detail here because it is not my preferred way to develop games.

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