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Unity is one of the leading game development software tools and can deploy games to many different platforms including mobile and desktop. There is a lot more to it than that and we will take a look at why Unity is a good choice for the new developer and why I enjoy working with Unity.

Unity GAME DEVELOPMENT SOFTWARE first impressionsUnity3D Game Development Software

The user interface for Unity takes a bit of getting used to but reading a few quick tutorials it quickly becomes clear what everything is for and is easy to learn. The layout is flexible depending on how you want to work so that also makes it easy.

The ease of working in Unity for beginners and non-programmers begins with the ability to import assets into your projects and use them right away. An asset is an object or component of the game that has been done in another software or previously done in Unity and imported into your current project. Assets can include 3D models, images, user interface enhancements and assets to speed up your game development process such as genre base starter kits. There are a lot of assets for Unity available from the asset store which can be accessed within the software of from the official website. Many artists and programmers sell Unity assets from their own site as well as the asset store.

Unity for 2d and 3D games

While Unity made it's mark in the industry by being a leading 3D game engine and is also known as Unity3D, there have always been people who have developed 2D games using Unity. There have been many tools and assets to assist with 2D game development being made available in the asset store. During November 2013 Unity rolled out version 4.23 which introduced a feature set for 2D game development and followed it up with some tutorials and videos which helped 2D game developers to work in a 2D environment with the freedom and power that Unity is known for.


Developing a game using the popular game development software Unity can be a rewarding experience when you are using the right assets to assist your development efforts.

There are a lot of official tutorials to help you get started developing games in Unity. The Unity community of developers often publish their own blogs and YouTube hosted videos sharing their experience and showing various tips and tricks to assist your learning.

During 2013/2014 I have been active in making use of many of the fantastic tools available to ease and accelerate my workflow in Uniry3D. I have been using user interface enhancement assets that assist with aligning objects in the scene. I have dipped my toes into 2D development by using some simple tools that allow me to draw 2D levels by painting objects into the game scene/level and other tools that really save time and make the development process more interactive and fun to save time. I have also been using some genre based game starter kits to accelerate the development of different games I want to create.

Maybe you don't know how to get started so I have compiled a list of my personal top 10 Unity3D assets for 2013 which describes each asset and provides a link to the official asset listing at the Unity asset store. These are assets I used during 2013 and many have been in the asset store and under regular development for several years. these should be used in addition to reading and learning from tutorials and videos.

Now you can give it a go. Unity is a free download from and you can download, learn and develop for free starting today.

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