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Unity starter kits are assets designed to assist you in creating a specific type of game. They contain the core programming needed to make games in a particular genre, and we will talk about some of the game starter kits available in the asset store.

Unity Starter Kits for Game Development

The first challenge when you have an idea for a game will be to establish the core game logic which may require a lot of programming. Thankfully there is an easy way if you want to make a game because you can look for a game started kit which will contain the core game logic programming. There is not a starter kit for every game genre, but I will show you the best that I have found and tell you more about them.

Game Starter Kits

Adventure Creator - Create adventure games without coding. This system allows you to make a point and click adventure game. Go back to the days of the first point and click games like Monkey Island and give them a modern twist.

Block Crusher Kit - Make a simple block crushing game with different options.

Pinball Creator - All you need to begin developing a pinball game including the ball and machine mechanics and missions.

Tower Defense Toolkit (TDTK) - Make tower defense games. A very comprehensive system for making your own tower defense game. This kit is well put together and comes with some free models to get prototyping with, and the video tutorials are beneficial when you are getting started and when you want to create your towers.

Underscore Game Kit - Make a simple top down game with this starter kit which includes an easy to configure script for setting up the game.



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