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Developing a game is a tough job for a newcomer and learning to program can make it an almost impossible task. Thankfully there are visual scripting tools which can help you prototype your game idea and take it to completion without knowing how to program.

Developing Games Without Code

You can develop games without coding in unity by using visual scripting tools. These plugins allow you to build your game logic without having to do any programming. While each of these tools works slightly different, they all make game development and controlling various aspects of your game more manageable if you can not program.

Visual Scripting

The most common way to create games without coding is using a visual scripting plugin. These tools work inside Unity and allow you to develop games by creating states and actions. These are all stored as boxes which contain the commands which they will perform. You connect them with a line similar to a flowchart to control how your game works and how they interact with each other.

Tools of The Trade

I know you want to get into it and get started making a game. So I will show you some of the visual scripting tools that I recommend. These all work in Unity and all have great reviews so you know I am only suggesting the best ones.  I recommend you try them all to find the one that you are comfortable with before you make a make full game with any of them.

  • Playmaker - Playmaker has been around for many years and is one of the most widely used tools for creating games in Unity without the need for coding.
  • Bolt - Bolt is a fantastic visual scripting tool and will allow you to create games without coding.
  • uScript Professional - uScript uses the power of reflection to visualize other Unity tools and scripts you already work with and will enable non-technical developers to dive right into scripting complicated setups without needing to write a single line of code. The uScript plugin can be used for anything from rapid prototyping gameplay ideas too complicated final systems ready to ship in your final product.

Using Visual Scripting Tools

You can use any of these tools to prototype your game idea quickly. They are great for creative people such as artists and designers who have no programming skills but a lot of ideas and vision. Each tool is different, but they are all very comprehensive in functionality. Getting to know how to use one of them can take time, but I believe it is time worth spending because they will allow you to make your game ideas playable a lot faster with one of these plugins than if you had to learn a programming language.

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