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  3. Wednesday, 10 February 2016
Look I am not a good game maker and I just want to try making a game. I am willing to commit to making something. My idea now is to make a basic game so the player will push a key and the player will jump object coming towards them before hitting them. The player will be looking from the top.

My question is what is the best game engine to make such a game without programming and what one can be used to make more advanced games when I understand what I am doing so i can make my game better over time.

All ideas welcome and I hop to hear from you guys and your opinions.
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geoff Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
You can make this game in most of the popular game engines. Game Maker will let you do this and if you are new to making games and just want to quickly make a game then this could be a good choice for you. If you want a more advanced game engine to learn with then I recommend Unity3D but it will take you longer to learn how to make the game you want with Unity unless you download an asset or game kit form the asset store that has the coding and everything done for you.

Both game engines I have mentioned are good for beginners and there are a lot of online game courses and tutorials teaching you how to use them and even how to make a complete game so you need to decide on the one that you are comfortable with and go from there.
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