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YoYo games have announced they will retire the earlier version of their popular game engine and move forward with their multi-platform version of the GameMaker: Studio game engine.

GameMaker 8.1 Retired

GameMaker 8.1 has been the easy to use game development software used to make thousands of games. Three years ago YoYo Games released a successor to GameMaker 8.1 called GameMaker: Studio which includes many more enhancements and the ability to create a game from a single code and exportto many different platforms including PC, Android and iOS.

This week YoYo Games announced they will retire development of the GameMaker 8.1 series to focus on the multi-platform game engine GameMaker: Studio. GameMaker 8.1 will still work for those who have purchased is previously but YoYo games are advising developers to upgrade moving into the future.

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